Give your steel components a longer life with professional hot-dip galvanising services at our convenient Yagoona location.


Hot-dip galvanising provides outstanding long-term protection against corrosion, UV and mechanical damage. Galvanising for your project is very easy to arrange with Galserv. We offer convenient drop-off and transport options to our Yagoona galvanising plant, and can arrange sandblasting if this step is required prior to processing. Our skilled team can galvanise structural steel, fabricated steel products and steel components up to 6.5 tonnes in weight and 17.5m in length. Our engineers and project managers can also assist with specific advice for your project, including on coating standards and suitable fabrication methods.


The process of hot-dip galvanising uses a metallurgical bonding process to add layers of metallic zinc and zinc-iron alloy to your chosen steel base. This tough coating helps to protect the base metal against corrosive substances, ultraviolet light and abrasion for a significantly longer product life.

If the zinc coating is damaged, it acts like a sacrificial anode for the steel base and slows the steel’s corrosion over time. In certain environments this can make many decades of difference in durability, as set out by AS/NZS 4680:2006. Our facility meets these standards and our facility is quality assured to ISO 9001:2008, together with certifications for safety and the environment.

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“I have built an excellent working relationship with the Galserv team. The service and time scale that we work to on our projects are achievable because of the positive attitude and a can do approach from Galserv. Personally I would highly recommend this company to anyone who requires a galvanising service.”

    Kevin Dingley, Manufacturing Manager
    Fleetwood Urban

    “I have been a customer of Galserv for over 5 years now, in this time I have been nothing but pleased with the service and quality. Galserv always goes above and beyond my expectations. I recommend Galserv to anyone in the industry that requires hot-dip galvanising.”

      Paul Mirabito, Director
      AWI Steel

      “Galvanising Services professional standard & exceptional service to our galvanising projects is highly endorsed by Combell Steelfab.”

      Ron Comin, Director
      Combell Steelfab

      Give your steel components a longer life

      Head to our FAQs page for more information on the galvanising process, or get in touch to get started with your project requirements.