Need it done yesterday? Our express service offers fast, reliable galvanising services so you can get on with the job.


Received a last-minute lead time from your customers? Perhaps you’re waiting on drawings that will put pressure on timelines for fabrication, galvanising and installation. Here’s where Galserv’s express service comes in. Speak with our team about your project requirements and deadlines, and have the scheduling and processing for your materials prioritised for a reasonable fee. Upon agreement we’ll have your materials ready within a guaranteed timeframe, thanks to our 24-hour galvanising facility. We can also supply delivery to your project site to save you more time.


Even if you don’t use our express service, you can enjoy the efficiency of a well-managed facility with Galserv. We’re all about continually optimising the way we do things, from traffic management onsite to keeping you updated about lead times. That means minimal waiting when it comes to dropping off or collecting materials, and a smoother process all round to save you time. To talk about your project requirements, contact our friendly team today.


Testimonials. An ultimate
sign of a job well done

“I have built an excellent working relationship with the Galserv team. The service and time scale that we work to on our projects are achievable because of the positive attitude and a can do approach from Galserv. Personally I would highly recommend this company to anyone who requires a galvanising service.”

    Kevin Dingley, Manufacturing Manager
    Fleetwood Urban

    “I have been a customer of Galserv for over 5 years now, in this time I have been nothing but pleased with the service and quality. Galserv always goes above and beyond my expectations. I recommend Galserv to anyone in the industry that requires hot-dip galvanising.”

      Paul Mirabito, Director
      AWI Steel

      “Galvanising Services professional standard & exceptional service to our galvanising projects is highly endorsed by Combell Steelfab.”

      Ron Comin, Director
      Combell Steelfab

      Give your steel components a longer life

      Head to our FAQs page for more information on the galvanising process, or get in touch to get started with your project requirements.