Inspection &
Technical Support

Our experienced team can provide technical support, specification assistance and inspection services.

Technical Expertise

At Galserv our team includes experienced staff who can provide expert technical advice for your project.  This includes fabrication requirements, hot-dip galvanising specifications and coating treatments. We can review complex specifications and recommend the appropriate treatment for your fabricated steel to ensure the job will be finished to the highest possible standard with an even and strong coating.

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Experts in Engineering

Our in-house qualified chemical engineer is experienced across complex technical projects and provides clients with expert advice and recommendations related to material selection, product design and fabrication for galvanising to achieve specified quality outcomes. Getting our team involved in the design stage has helped our clients save time and money. View more about design advice in our GAA design guides here.

With Galserv, you’re not just tapping into service; you’re forging a partnership that propels your projects towards enduring success.

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Inspection Services

Members of our technical team have been trained and qualified to carry out inspections on fabricated steel articles before, during and after the hot-dip galvanising process.  Our team assess the suitability of articles before the hot-dip galvanising process including the appropriate use of drainage holes, surface condition, damage and metallurgy and provide recommendations or remedy where necessary. Throughout the process jobs a QA tag tracked and include general inspection of all hot-dip galvanised steel articles to ensure compliance to Australian, New Zealand and international Standards. For specific testing and inspection of articles, contact our team.


Testimonials. An ultimate
sign of a job well done

“I have built an excellent working relationship with the Galserv team. The service and time scale that we work to on our projects are achievable because of the positive attitude and a can do approach from Galserv. Personally I would highly recommend this company to anyone who requires a galvanising service.”

    Kevin Dingley, Manufacturing Manager
    Fleetwood Urban

    “I have been a customer of Galserv for over 5 years now, in this time I have been nothing but pleased with the service and quality. Galserv always goes above and beyond my expectations. I recommend Galserv to anyone in the industry that requires hot-dip galvanising.”

      Paul Mirabito, Director
      AWI Steel

      “Galvanising Services professional standard & exceptional service to our galvanising projects is highly endorsed by Combell Steelfab.”

      Ron Comin, Director
      Combell Steelfab

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