Our People

Expect personalised service with Galserv, from our customer service team to our skilled technicians.

Our People

The Galserv team combines skills across a diverse range of roles with over 50 talented people. Making our customers successful is our shared purpose and passion. When you work with Galserv, you’ll have the benefit of personalised customer service with advice and support from the industry’s best. We firmly believe in supporting and empowering our people to do amazing things. Many members of our team have achieved 15, 20 and even over 35 years in their craft at Galserv, and have been recognised and awarded by the GAA for their service.

  • Galserv has a strong culture of nurturing talent: In fact, 50% of our management team has been promoted from the shop floor.
  • We can promote into roles across our other NEPEAN brands: Including roles in procurement, inventory management, operations & Business Systems.
  • Everyone in the team is supported to gain cross-training experience: Because when we all understand the core aspects, our team and business is stronger.
  • We believe in creating real development pathways: From offering ongoing skill training, to partnering with universities on process learning.
  • Ours is an inclusive and diverse workplace: Because we all benefit from being in a welcoming workforce where every person is valued.
    Hot Dip Galvanizing


    Our sales and customer support team are experts at understanding the brief, and they ensure all the detailed requirements of each job are clearly understood and followed. They’ll be a main point of contact for you when it comes to quoting, lead times and updates on orders.


    We work on some very complex projects which can include oversized sections of steel, large volumes or specific batch requirements. Our project managers and engineers provide highly specific support when it comes to key elements such as coating standards and the right fabrication methods for safe galvanising.


    Given that our busy Yagoona facility services all of Sydney and operates 24 hours a day 6 days a week, our scheduling department is an essential part of the team! Jobs are carefully scheduled and prioritised to ensure the whole site operates smoothly and that customer lead times are reliably met.


    As part of our services we can pick up and deliver goods across the greater Sydney region, including direct to project sites. Our logistics team capably handles these pick-ups and deliveries, as well as assisting with traffic flow in and out of our Yagoona facility.


    Galserv is quality assured to ISO 9001:2008, and our QA team is a vital part of our robust quality management system. These people help to ensure all work meets the high-quality expectations we set and that goods comply with technical requirements and galvanising standards.


    On any given day there are many moving parts at Galserv, and our galvanisers, forklift drivers and crane operators expertly process the goods that come in and out of our site. These professionals are highly skilled and they work hard to ensure every job is completed accurately and efficiently.

    Join the team

    Visit our careers page to find out more about being part of the Galserv Team.

    As part of NEPEAN, our team has a shared purpose and unique NEPEAN DNA – our NDNA.

    • Make the customer successful
    • Take ownership
    • Get things done
    • The best team wins
    • Be entrepreneurial
    • Be professional
    • Keep growing

    Ready to future proof your next project?

    If you have a technical question, a challenging timeframe or a certain finish in mind, our experienced team is here for you. Explore the resources across our site and get in touch to discuss the requirements for your project.