It’s our people that make the difference

Galserv has been around since 1963, delivering exceptional quality hot-dip galvanising projects to our loyal customers.

We’ve been involved in so many iconic projects that the legacy of our workforce remains visible today – from Sydney Airport to the Scenic Railway. You don’t last that long without a common focus, and a strong team backing you up.

Making our customers successful is our shared purpose and passion—but we’ve always said that it’s our people that make the difference. And it’s true.

There are over 50 of us making up the Galserv team, spread across our entire operations, covering a range of different skills and abilities:

  • Technical and engineering
  • Sales and customer support
  • Scheduling
  • Logistics, receiving, and despatch
  • QA inspection and tag tracking
  • Materials handling and processing

Success is in our DNA

There are seven key pillars that make up what we believe in. It’s more than just our values: it’s in our DNA. It’s what drives us to deliver exceptional quality for our customers.

Our unique NEPEAN DNA, (our NDNA!) what makes us Galserv, and continues to shape our journey:

  • Make the customer successful
  • Take ownership
  • Get things done
  • The best team wins
  • Be entrepreneurial
  • Be professional
  • Keep growing

What makes it so special to work at Galserv?

What keeps our people around is the culture that we’ve worked hard to build.

We put a big focus on nurturing the talent that we see. We create development pathways that actually mean something, with ongoing skill training, to partnering with universities for higher education. We’re proud of the skills and work that our people do and celebrate their achievements. As a testament to the value that we put on nurturing talent, 50% of our management team have been promoted from the shop floor.


“I have been with Galserv for over 13 years. What makes you want to stay in a company this long? For me it about the environment. The team is like my second family and my customers are the reason I strive to give my best every day.”
Juliette Nast – Account Manager

“There’s never a boring day at Galserv. Everyone in the team gets the opportunity to work closely with customers and the various disciplines in our business to solve our customers challenges. The team is also empowered to take ownership of improving the processes and investigate ways we can make the galvanising experience better for customers.”
Faraz Alam – Process Engineer.

“The team’s strength has come from their ownership and want to win, driven by a willingness to learn and grow both as individuals & as a team. I am most pleased about how the team goes about its work always have each other’s back and making sure we are delivering our customer’s needs.”
Joshua Nolan – General Manager.


We know the value that different skills and knowledge brings to a role, so we make sure that cross-training opportunities are available for everyone. When we all understand the core aspects of what we do, our team and business is stronger.

Galserv has, and always will be, an inclusive and diverse workplace. We welcome everyone, from different backgrounds and cultures, different industries, to come and join our team.

Our people are supported at every step

We care about keeping our team with us. And as proof of that, many of our team have achieved some big milestones.

We’ve recently celebrated some 15 and 20 year milestones and even some 35 year+ milestones! Some of our people have also been recognised and awarded by the GAA for their service, further cementing the pride and skill with which we do our job.

This proves that we do what we can do keep our people around, to support them in honing their craft and continuing to thrive with us.

Come and meet the team

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