What our customers say about us: 


Manufacturing Manager - Fleetwood


“I have been dealing with Galserv for the last 2 year in which time I have built an excellent working relationship with the Galserv team. The service and time scale that we work to on our projects are achievable because of the positive attitude and a can do approach from Galserv.


Personally I would highly recommend this company to anyone who requires a galvanising service.”




Director - AWI Steel


"I have been a customer of Galserv for over 5 years now, in this time I have been nothing but pleased with the service and quality. Galserv always goes above and beyond my expectations.


I recommend Galserv to anyone in the industry that requires hot-dip galvanising."






Director – B & G Welding


"I have great faith in Galserv as our main Galvanising Services provider. Everybody I have been involved with at Galserv from Transport to Operations to Management have a positive can do attitude which is by far different to what we have experienced in the past from other providers.


In the last 3 months, we have seen significant growth in our workflow and I know that I have asked a lot from the Galserv team, but to my satisfaction they have come through.


Well done to the Galserv team!! They have earned a satisfied loyal customer."

Director - Combell Steelfab


"Galvanising Services professional standard & exceptional service to our galvanising projects is highly endorsed by Combell Steelfab."