Why Hot Dip Galvanise?

The main purpose of galvanising is to protect steel from corrosion. This means longer durability and life whilst protecting the asset at the lowest overall cost.

When dipped in a bath of molten zinc at a nominal operating temperature of 450°C, the steel reacts with the zinc creating an alloy that metallurgically bonds to the surface of the steel. Layers of zinc then form on top, providing a tough, abrasion-resistant coating.

Layers of zinc / iron alloy and based steel.

Project: Eagle Shelter, Sanctuary Estate Fletcher

Location: Newcastle, New South Wales

The eagle spirit in Awabakal culture overlooks all people and the place created. Watching all things live in harmony. The iconic eagle shelter takes pride of place within the space bringing a sense of focus and identity to this Aboriginal heritage conservation area.

The eagle shelter is proposed as a bespoke element that contains recognisable features of a wedge tailed eagle. The shelter is a functional structure made from robust materials necessary to protect people from the elements.

The shelter is part of a conservation area that includes a kinship garden, canoes sculptures and seating. Northrop has been proud to be involved in the structural design of this (and previous) improvements on the site.

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